Top Reasons Why You Should Hire An Event Planner

Hiring an event planner to oversee an important milestone in your life is important for many reasons. Nothing is more vital than the assurance that everything will be smooth and the event will be successful. A professional event planning team will give you what you want. Check the top reasons why you should hire an event planner: Your vision will […]

How to Throw a Historical Party

Make your party too memorable that it can g down to history as the best one yet. Some people just seem to have a knack for throwing a great party. It doesn’t matter what type of party it is – birthday party, anniversary party, bridal shower, or a “just because” party – some celebrations are simply memorable. What separates the […]

Know the difference between event planner and coordinator

There are too many terms in the field of event planning, without the knowledge of it, you might approach the wrong person for your needs. Familiarization to event planner and coordinator prevents you from confusion, misunderstanding about the job titles as well as the scope of work. Let’s discuss first the “event planners”. This group of people work directly for […]

Sightseeing Spots In Singapore For Your Anniversary

Anniversary should be appreciated and must be celebrated. It serves as another milestone to every couple that despite hurdles in life they have encountered, nothing can break them apart. If you’re looking for stunning places in Singapore that can make your Anniversary the most remarkable one, here are the few places we highly recommend for the both of you. The […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Anniversary Gift

Choosing an anniversary gift can be quite tricky. If you are getting one for your partner, it could less than well receive by the other person if no thought has been placed on it. Anniversaries are special moments that deserve special attention. Besides, the reason for that anniversary is a special moment that happened in one’s life. In this article, […]