6 Artists Who Transform Paper Into Stunning Artworks

For non-artistic people, a paper is where they put notes, reminders and even in the offices, the paper is one of the necessities for printing modules, policy, and proposals. When it comes to artists, the paper helps them to express what they feel, and sometimes make a living out from it.

Moreover, these are the paper artists who managed to bring out their creativity in the form of using just pieces of paper and transform it to stunning artworks that everyone will absolutely find it adorable.

Elsa Mora


Born and raised in Cuba, Elsa discovered her passion to be a paper artist and produce both minimalist and multicolored paper sculptures. Inspired by her childhood, Elsa’s artworks are composed of anatomical pieces, graphical elements, and whimsical paper sculptures.

Calvin Nicholls

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A Canadian full-time paper sculpture artist since in the mid of 1980’s with a great interest in monochromatic, Calvin’s paper sculpture techniques feature wildlife, animal portraits, and finches. For him, seeing his finished artworks through optimal lighting is one of the best parts of being an artist. Calvin’s paper sculptures never fail to amaze its audiences, even private collectors, institutions, and galleries have been asking for his artworks.

Su Blackwell


If you are fond of mystery and tantalizing artworks, Su Blackwell’s masterpiece is one of the great arts we have ever seen up to this date. The British paper artist takes advantage of books to be the base of her artwork to create fairytales, folklore and three-dimensional diorama.

James Seet


Based in Kuala Lumpur, the design director who also happens to be a paper artist, James Seet aims to produce the perfect theatrical performance to the eyes of his audience through paper sculptures. Browsing through his Behance account, you will notice that his project views increase as high as 28,198. Aside from the paper sculptures, James really wanted to express the dramas in life through abstract, figurative, and embryonic.

Simon Schubert


Among the other paper artists on this list, Simon’s artworks are excessively different. He does not spend time creating arts with drawings, paint or any tools except with his hands to create paper sculptures through paper folding.  People are not convinced that his paper sculptures were not formed through paper folding, insisting that those artworks are made up of drawings and pencils. Just imagine his creativity in paper folding, he was also able to come up with a mirror room, figure in levels, and Villa de Bank all by folding.

Eiko Ojala


This is not a graphic design created from Photoshop or illustrator; this is an actual paper artwork by paper artist Eiko Ojala. Though he is a graphic designer by profession, and everything he does is mostly digital, he loves to do paper sculptures by hand. Eiko’s goal is to create minimal paper artworks showing exemplary artistry as well as expressing a slight of wit.

These paper artists have changed the way we see the paper and make us appreciate more of its usage and benefits to us.